Delivery of the car to recycling is the owner's own solution. The solution can be based on several points. The vehicle inspector can put the car directly into the driving ban due to the essential deficiencies, or reject the car due to a number of faults or significant faults. In the repairshop, it can be clear that the car's repair will become far too expensive in relation to the car's value.
A collision can damage the car so badly that it cannot be repaired. There are still abandoned cars in the woods and at the edges of the fields, which have been replaced by a recycling system. There are some project cars left in the yard that will be recycled. A surprising number of cars are being abandoned on city streets and along roads, which are being repaired and sold or recycled by municipalities.
More than 75% of the car will continue to live in the metal industry, where it is manufactured, e.g. car parts, steel containers, etc. 95% of the total weight of the car is recovered, so only 5% of the car ends up in final disposal. So, recycle your car properly.
Recycling your car is easy and doesn't cost anything. In the recycling system maintained by Finnish Car Recycling Ltd, the car is recycled environmentally friendly and saving nature.
Choose the closest take-back point that belongs to the network of Finnish Car Recycling Ltd. Take the car to the nearest take-back point. The vehicle's documents and registration and identification information are checked at the take-back point.
Only the owner of the car has the right to scrap the vehicle. If the car is taken away by a other person than the owner, he must have a power of attorney from the car owner. The car handler is given a certificate of destruction, which guarantees that the car can no longer be registered for use in traffic and all liability of the owner ends.

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Finnish Car Recycling Ltd is a so-called producer association, which coordinates the collection, treatment and recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in accordance with the requirements laid down in the ELV Directive and recycling of electric vehicle traction batteries. Read more.

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