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Members of the producer community of electric vehicle traction batteries

Importers of electric vehicle traction batteries included in electric and hybrid cars have transferred the responsibility of battery producers to Finnish Car Recycling Ltd.

OrganisationBusiness ID
Ace Trading Oy2695783-9
Astara Auto Finland Oy2836801-8
Atonos Oy2613210-8
Oy Autocarrera Ab2557340-3
Auto Juspek Oy2470168-8
AutoMen Oy2392165-4
Automussalo Oy2516662-1
Automyynti Liesjärvi & Niemenmaa Oy1589882-9
Auto-Rasku Oy1740407-9
Bavaria Laakkonen Oy3152287-2
Oy BMW Suomi Ab0988005-9
BYD Europe B.V.24288673
Diilix Oy2965894-9
Helkama-Auto Oy0195766-4
Oy Helsingin Auto-Bil Ab2745964-7
Kamux Suomi Oy1578666-7
Kauppi Group Oy1534743-7
K Auto Oy0154578-2
K Caara Oy1900190-0
Keskusautohalli Oy1799502-4
Lidl Suomi Ky1615779-0
Lohjan Euro-Auto Oy1728830-3
LänsiAuto Oy0288746-9
LänsiAuto Drive Oy0101067-3
Metroauto Oy0762711-3
NCG Import Finland Oy Ab2808915-8
Nissan Nordic Europe Oy1968805-2
Nordic Automotive Services Oy 2345627-0
Nordic Automotive Trading Oy 1090389-5
Novoset Oy2299813-1
Olavi Tepponen2099987-8
Polestar Automotive Finland Oy3190838-8
Renting Rentals Finland Oy2863212-2
Rinta-Joupin Autoliike Oy2045431-7
Roadster Finland Oy (Tesla)2644975-4
RSA Suomi3171475-1
Sijoitusseppo Oy0649086-4
SK Vaihtoautot ja Huolto Oy2868061-8
Oy Sports Car Center Oy0889463-5
Suomen Hyötyautot Oy2866741-3
Suomen Laatuautot Oy2782192-5
Suomen Tuontipalvelu Oy2791893-8
Tmi Jouni Rasinaho2192229-0
Toyota Auto Finland Oy1019670-5
Veljekset Laakkonen Oy2081088-7
ViaCar Oy2405864-5
VDL Bus & Coach Oy2138771-8
Volvo Car Finland Oy Ab0202594-9
Volvo Finland Ab0988022-7
Oy WB-Auto Ab0918244-5
Whest Fix Björneborg2986848-7


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