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How to recycle your car

  1. Choose the nearest take-back point
    To locate your nearest take-back point, click the link here. Check that your car does not contain any rubbish. Locate your vehicle registration certificate. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, locate also the deed of sale/transfer. If you are not the owner of the vehicle, then request a power of attorney from the owner. In addition, bring an official identity card with you (e.g. your driving licence).
  2. Take the vehicle to your nearest take-back point
    Your identity and the vehicle documents and/or other identification data will be checked at the take-back point.
  3. A certificate of destruction is issued to the last holder of the vehicle
    A certificate of destruction ensures that the vehicle can no longer be commissioned to traffic and proves that the last owner is no longer responsible for the vehicle. At some take-back points, the last holder of the vehicle is issued an acknowledgement of receipt and the certificate of destruction is delivered by post.

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