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Take-back points

End-of-life vehicles

There is almost 300 take-back points for end-of-life vehicles in Finland. You can locate the closest take-back point in the map below or from the list of take-back points.

Traction batteries of electric vehicles

The collection points for end-of-life and defective traction batteries are certified repair shops and take-back points for end-of-life vehicles operated by Finnish Car Recycling Ltd. Certified repair shops serve as the primary collection point for batteries that are recycled during the vehicle’s life cycle. Take-back points for end-of-life vehicles, in turn, typically accept traction batteries from recycled electric and hybrid cars at the end of their life cycle.

Consumers can also dispose their end-of-life vehicle via internet by using net bank codes. After the documents have been filled in internet, the vehicle will be picked up for official recycling and a certificate of destruction will be sent to the last owner.

Car recycling via internet:

Kuusakoski Oy
Stena Recycling

Consumers can also dispose of their end-of-life vehicle by taking the vehicle documents to the nearest vehicle inspection station of A-Katsastus Oy or K1 Katsastajat Oy, and by completing the documents required for end-of-life deregistration. The end-of-life vehicle is then picked up for official recycling. Once the vehicle has arrived at the pre-treatment facility, a certificate of destruction will be sent to the last owner. This ends the consumer’s responsibility for the vehicle. NOTE: Inspection stations do not take back end-of-life vehicles. Instead, they are picked up for recycling upon agreement.

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