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DELV – digital recycling platform

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DELV is an agile and scalable recycling platform for all car recycling partners

DELV brings together car recycling partners on a single platform and creates a digital register of all recycled vehicles. The digital DELV platform will provide services to recycling partners and aim to increase volumes and automate recycling through nationwide data collection, analysis and exchange of recyclables.

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DELV kierrätysprosessi

Vehicle scrapping coordination and digital scrapping process

For vehicle owners, DELV is a new digital service channel. It allows consumers to contact official ELV collection points and arrange for their vehicle to be collected or taken to a collection point. Recycling a vehicle through the DELV platform is free of charge for the car owner – Any costs related to the collection of a vehicle should always be communicated to the chosen collection point. A ban on the release of information from the Traffic Register may limit the use of the service. In such situations, the car owner should contact the collection point directly.

The platform creates a digital duplicate of the vehicle to be scrapped and a digital copy of the official scrapping process and its steps.

DELV provides transparent and accurate information on the scrapping process at both vehicle and operator level.

Re-use of vehicles

DELV gives operators and collection points visibility of all vehicles entering the official scrapping process across operator boundaries.

Official car recycling partners can use the platform to forward vehicles and their parts for re-use.

Responsible vehicle scrapping

Suomen Autokierrätys Oy aims to ensure responsible treatment and recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

The DELV platform is an innovative solution to the new ELV regulation and the tightening sustainability reporting. The platform will help official vehicle dismantling operators to get better information about the sector and to demonstrate their own responsible operations in a transparent way.

A digital service platform creates benefits

DELV Digitaalinen Palvelualusta luo hyötyjä
DELV toimii älypuhelimella ja tietokoneella

Recycle your car on the DELV platform

The new DELV service platform makes car recycling even easier and the overall recycling process more efficient thanks to digital tools.