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Car recycling instructions

The last owner of the car is obliged to deliver his end-of-life car for recycling. Car recycling is free of charge for the last owner. The car is recycled by delivering it to the official take-back point of Finnish Car Recycling Ltd, where the car owner receives a certificate of destruction. At some take-back points, the last holder of the vehicle is issued an acknowledgement of receipt and the certificate of destruction is delivered by post. The destruction certificate guarantees that the owner’s responsibilities for the car end – thus, for example, the vehicle tax and insurance obligations end.


Choose the nearest take-back point.

Locate your nearest take-back point using our map search.

Check that your car does not contain any rubbish and locate the necessary documents.


Take the vehicle to your nearest take-back point or order a transportation.

Your identity and the vehicle documents and/or other identification data will be checked at the take-back point.


Receive a certificate of destruction.

A certificate of destruction ensures that the vehicle can no longer be commissioned to traffic and proves that the last owner is no longer responsible for the vehicle.

How are cars recycled in Finland?

At the official take-back point, the car is recycled in accordance with the law, taking care of the environment. In preliminary processing fuel, engine and lubricating oils and other liquids are collected and treated appropriately from a scrap car. In addition, tires, battery and catalyst are removed from the car.

After pretreatment, the car is crushed and the crushed material is sorted into steel fraction, other metals and light fraction, which includes textile and plastic parts, among other things. Metals are further processed into recycled raw materials for industry. Light fraction is mainly utilized as energy waste.

How is the traction battery recycled?

Electric cars have a driving power battery, the life cycle of which can be shorter than that of the car. When the traction battery reaches the end of its life cycle, the battery can be replaced at a branded store, which takes care of the proper recycling of the old battery. The driving power battery of an old car that is going to be scrapped is normally recycled together with the car to be scrapped.

Free for the owner.

Car importers also pay for the recycling of cars – The last owner of the car only has to deliver the car to the take-back point. The owner receives a certificate of destruction for the car he delivers for scrapping.

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